About Calm Waters
Colouring Books for Adults

The Minds Behind the Lines

Jeff and Carla Fendelet, the minds behind the lines of Calm Waters Colouring books, are here to share their passion with you.

Like many of you, they are creatively-driven entrepreneurs and parents who sought out creative outlets to relieve stress and help them discover a sense of inner bliss.

When designing their colouring books for adults, they thought about all the things that a colourist would care about: no spine colouring, great paper quality, and unique images.

This embodies the true essence of Calm Waters: Caring about the colourist.


Coil-Bound, For Unbound Creativity


Made in Canada. Inspired Internationally


Independent. Just Like You

Our Mission

Calm Waters Colouring composes an immersive, imaginative and original space for independent colourists to find their own sense of creative bliss through adult colouring.