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Calm Waters Adult Colouring Book Review

We are so proud to have received a special colouring book review from international colourist, Colour With Claire. We listened to your needs as a colourist and designed all three of our Calm Waters Colouring books with you in mind. Our books are coil-bound, so you never have the spine complicating your creativity. We use artist-grade paper, so there’s no risk of colours bleeding through to the next page, and each page is single sided. All of the images within our books are hand-drawn by international artists.

As a colourist, there are certain necessities required to create your masterpiece. You need to choose a colouring medium, whether you go with markers, felt tip pens, coloured pencils, or pastels (or anything else!), and you need a piece of art waiting for you to breathe life into it. Gone are the days where the dollar store colouring book would be your pick. As an adult, you need more detail, and you need compelling images that let your imagination run wild. Of course, you want the paper to be strong enough to allow you to blend your colours and create the image you see in your mind.  You also want to know which books are the best by looking at an adult colouring book review.

When Calm Waters Colouring first came to be, we couldn’t have imagined how far we would come. We’re an independent colouring book company located in the small town of La Corey, Alberta. We’re thrilled to say that we have colourists from around the world purchasing our books, and we have vendors in Canada from coast to coast

One of our international fans is Colour with Claire, a popular colourist who reviews and recommends colouring books.  Based in the U.K. She’s done a full colouring book review for all three of our books for you to see. Her video review is an excellent chance to see all the images inside our books and get a feel for the books themselves. Check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!