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Being Creative as an Adult is Essential to Mental Health

Do you feel the urge to create something unique and beautiful, but feel something holding you back? Maybe you have the thought that it would be wasting your time and energy that could be used in more “practical” activities. Isn’t creativity something just for kids?

You would be wrong. Creativity is the foundation of our world. Without creativity, there would be no new inventions, there would be no innovative thinking, and there would be no new developments. Without adults tapping into their creative side, there would be no new books written, no works of art to display – it would be an incredibly boring world. Imagination and immersing yourself in creativity is just as important for us as adults as it is for kids.

What Exactly Is Creativity?

Creativity is the experience of producing something new, with a subjective value. Creativity can include anything from painting a picture, to writing the next literary work including poetry, short stories, or if you’re feeling adventurous an entire novel. You could try embracing your creative side and composing a musical piece or invent a new product. Creativity is linked to a certain degree of cognition and intelligence.

Creativity Gives Us Our Independence

Adults feel the need to be independent. You don’t always have to be accommodating to others, and do what they think you should be doing. When you partake in an activity that is just for you, it will increase your mental health. By immersing yourself in creativity, you allow the world to see the true you, rather than blending into the perceived perception of who others think you are.

Hidden Talents? Let’s Find Them!

Allow yourself to be immersed in a new experience, creating something you’ve never made before; you can uncover hidden skills! Go ahead, take that photography class, maybe you have a natural knack for it and your talent could become a profitable career!

Creativity Enhances Cognitive Abilities

According to neurological research, producing art and doing other creative exercises can help to improve cognitive ability. Consider that your brain is composed of billions of neurons, each of them connected to thousands of other neurons. Dendrites are the nerve cell components that transmit the information to the neurons. Engaging in creative activity can cause your dendrites to become stronger and thicker! When you think about creating pottery, when you mould the clay, it forces your brain to engage in activities such as restructuring, altering and reshaping. As a result, you’re improving your neural functions. Incredible!

Provides Incentive to Finish Your Work and Daily Chores

Giving yourself permission to be creative doesn’t mean that you quit your day job, or stop doing your homework! It can give you an incentive to enjoy those daily chores and other mundane tasks that must be done. When you have a creative project on the back burner, it gives you something to look forward to once your work is completed, making it easier to get through your day!

Boosts Self-Confidence and Provides Mental Stimulation

When you spend time activating your creativity, you no longer depend on external meals to provide mental stimulation. Perhaps you’ve become a bit of a couch potato, vegging out in front of the television night after night, watching endless reruns. It’s difficult to feel confident about yourself when you watch t.v in all your free time. Not to say that you can never enjoy television again, but substituting learning a new creative skill can boost your confidence!

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