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Lefty or Righty? Optimize Your Life by Igniting Both Sides of Your Brain!

You would be surprised to hear that it’s more beneficial to optimize both sides of your brain! The left-side of the brain is associated with math, science, analysis and clear-cut thinking. People that say they’re ‘left-brained’ are referring to the concept that they’re logical and concise. On the flip side, ‘right-brained’ people are supposed to be intuitive, open-minded and artsy, with the right side of the brain known for creativity. However, rather than limiting yourself to one side of the brain, you should be working to increase the strength on both sides of your brain, allowing them to work as a team.

To be honest, we need both sides of the brain to be as active as possible, communicating and working together. Let’s say you’re out to dinner with your partner. The right side of the brain will appreciate the flavours of your meal, the romantic mood the soft lighting and quiet music set. It will help you understand the tone of voice and mood your partner is in, without verbally hearing an explanation. The left side of your brain helps you decide what meal to order and how to articulate the words to communicate your thoughts and feelings, and even calculate the correct gratuity.

Starting a new business venture can be intimidating, and you need both sides of your brain to work together. Lefty will help decide and produce a viable business plan and calculate taxes. Righty is necessary for creating and choosing the perfect logo, website design, intuitively allowing you to understand which products your clients will desire, and give you the creative energy to keep going when it gets difficult. Relying on just lefty, or just righty, you will be much more limited. Luckily, it is possible to intentionally strengthen the side of your brain that you feel is weaker.

Over time, our creativity becomes less of a priority and becomes weaker over time. Studies have shown that most young children are innately creative and imaginative, but that lessens once they enter school. By the age of 7, only 10% of children will still be considered highly creative – and that number sinks even lower to a measly 2% as we enter adulthood. Why? School and society place such great emphasis on left-brained activities like logic and math and focus less on art, music and activities that ignite emotion and imagination.

It’s never too late to reignite your creativity. Adult colouring is a low-pressure way to bring back the creativity from our childhood. Colouring allows you to access that weak right side, experience the bliss and spark the power of your imagination. There’s a multitude of ways that you immerse yourself in creativity; knit, draw, piano lessons, dance or theatre classes, even participating in a local improv group. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and focus on how incredible it feels to awaken the creative and imaginative side of your brain.

If you’d rather get your creative juices flowing independently, be sure to check out our unique and beautifully designed adult colouring books. Colouring not only gets that creativity rolling, but it also helps you relax and reduce your anxiety. Tap into your inner bliss and immerse yourself in creativity!