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Why Do We Spell Colouring With A ‘U’?

Colour is one of the many English words in North America simplified by settlers coming over from Europe, perhaps as a way to make the language their own, perhaps to separate from the culture and flavour of Europe itself. But like popcorn is in the theater and the art of performance is in the theatre, where there is the love of art, there is colour.

Colouring is all about peace and escape, a moment or an hour to make something beautiful and let the light and lines touch us. The adult colouring craze started as a fun and creative way to explore the child inside, but it’s become so much more than that. Busy moms are working out their worries and remembering when they could spend a whole afternoon colouring and creating. Stress relief is a serious health benefit and makes whole families happier, one at a time.

Our company is intensely proud of our Canadian roots, and our indie clients are our inspiration. We proudly say ‘zed’ and our fellow Canadians know what we mean when we say, “we’re throwing on some runners and a toque to go treat ourselves to a double-double and some new pencil crayons from the bookstore.”  This is why we focus on always using the word colouring, not only to set us apart, but to make our beautiful books easier to find and recognize among so many others when searching on the internet. Winter is coming, and this is the best and busiest time for adult colouring as we relax and reflect while staying warm and indoors.

Calm Waters Colouring is showing our love for our colourists be focusing on the qualities they care about:

  • Coil-bound ~ so the artist can expose just the page they are working on and take time out for their work in small spaces and comfortable corners.
  • Heavy stock paper for lasting work ~ every artist knows the challenges of poor quality paper. Our paper protects all of your pages, allows you to remove and display your favourites and makes focusing on your strokes and colours distraction free.
  • Hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind images ~ with so many competing books on the market and customers with a discerning eye, our images are never boring or repetitive. So you can experience the calming effects of colouring without the stress of spines & double-sided images.
  • Canadian heritage and insight ~ our personal touch from our hearts and our homeland.
  • Independently published with a great regard for the independent colourist ~ this highlights a respect and consideration for every person, every small company and the beauty of starting small and staying true.

Calm Waters Colouring wants you to Immerse Yourself in Creativity. Our focus on the artist, the free spirit and our customers’ need to explore and immerse themselves in the freedom and expression of something as simple as colouring.  This is what has set us apart from the vast and crowded adult colouring market. The Calm Waters book and Calm Waters client are easy to recognize and appreciate.

There are books for everyone in our collection of custom art. From books of variety to themed collections of animals or mythology, we do not disappoint. We claim a dedication to our continued effort and investment in scouring the market and making sure we offer something new and inspiring. We’ve embraced our love of Canada and included the art and images that make up our lush surroundings and broad imagination. Every country has very specific talents laced in the folds of its heritage, and unique art is one of ours.

Adult colouring does tout the childlike quality as one of its draws and pleasures. But it also has an original identity of its own that is very mature and sits on a higher level of concentrated art and exciting escape. When colouring in a Calm Waters book, you are truly somewhere else, where you decide the lines and the colours, the time and the temperature.