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8 Fresh Ways To Transform Your Adult Colouring Pages

Colouring is an incredible way to immerse yourself in creativity. It’s a chance for you to participate in an activity that is completely for you. You decide what image to colour, what medium to use (pencil crayons? Pens? Markers?) and what colour palette invokes emotion for you. But what do you do when your adult colouring book is complete and when all the colouring pages are filled with your works of art? Do you put the book on the shelf and leave them there? You can, of course! But, you can also use them to inspire new masterpieces. Here are some fresh and crafty ways to transform those finished colouring pages:

Put Them in a Frame!

Works of art are always beautiful when framed. Colouring pages are an easy way to add some art to your living room, bedroom, or even your bathroom. You created them, show them off.  Jazz it up even more by painting the frame!

Wrap a Gift

Personalize a gift for a loved one by wrapping it with an image that you coloured. An incredibly simple way to show someone you care; it will turn any gift into a work of art.

Create a Bookmark

Create a one-of-a-kind bookmark! Bookmarks always seem to disappear into the abyss, and it can be difficult to find one when you need it. Create a collection of beautiful bookmarks, so you don’t lose track of your page.

Decorate a Plate

Create a masterpiece by adding your work to a clear glass plate, all you need is a bit of patience and some Modge Podge. While it wouldn’t be ideal for eating from, it would add personality to any centrepiece.

Personalize a Book

Remember the days, long ago, when covering textbooks and using them as a doodle pad was a way to pass the time? Use your colouring page to relive your youth! Use it to cover your agenda or an address book! You won’t find beauty like this in the stores.

Create an Accent Piece

Turn your home into an art gallery. Use your finished adult colouring pages to turn a boring table into the perfect accent for your home. Decoupage dresser drawers to add creativity to your bedroom.

 Print it On a Decorative Throw Pillow

Adult Colouring Pages

If one of our images speaks to you, bring it into your life for good. Many of our images, coloured and uncoloured, can be printed on mugs, t-shirts, throw pillows or even turned into a duvet cover.


What idea are you going to try? Show us what you do with your finished colouring pages from our books by sharing pictures on our Facebook page!